Maximize Scarce Resources

Food, veterinary and biomedical industries all need to conserve valuable resources. Tolga Ltd focuses on the development of media (aqueous solutions) for enhancement of cell life and the preservation of tissues and organs.

50 Years of Research

For a combined 50 years, Tom Allen and Olga Kukal (Tom + Olga = Tolga) have conducted research and development in cryobiology and biophysics. The results of their work are new technologies that revolutionize the manner in which living cells and organisms are stored and transported.

Extend the Lifespan of Living Matter

Tolga Ltd preservation media stops deterioration in living cells, tissues and organs. The life span of living matter is extended through a combination of:

Biophysical and phase transition (cryoinjury) stress is minimized by a careful balance of these elements during the design of specific formulations for each cell or tissue type.

Tolga Technology Works

Uses for these exciting new technologies are broad-reaching and include:

Artificial Insemination
Tolga Technology has been proven to extend the life of cells stored for insemination of:

Regenerative Medicine

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